Anti-Static Apron_เอี๊ยมพลาสติกกันไฟฟ้าสถิต


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การวัดค่าความต้านทานผิว(Surface Resistance Merer)

AE-780: Surface Resistance

DECADE SCALE : Surface Resistance Meter

Surface Resistance Merer
Surface Resistance Merer

AE-700 is an ultra wide-range, battery operated, portable instrument for measuring Surface Resistivity of virtually any flat surface conforming to ASTM D-257 standard by using recommended parallel bar sensing probe. In the circuit industry, products such as packaging materials, ESD shielding bags, work bench surfaces, static dissipative table and floor mats, conveyor belts, etc, have resistance values which need to conform to stringent specifications, Moreover, these values are expected to fall with in specified limits. The Surface Resistivity Meter can play a vital role in monitoring and checking the resistivity characteristic of the above items.

Surface Resistance Meter
Surface Resistance Meter


• AE-780 is a light weight, pocket-sized surface resistance meter. The meter offers an easy way to test conductive, anti-static and static dissipative surfaces for electrical resistivity.
• AE-780 is designed to be used in various materials in all fields of production.
• Resistance limits are 103-1012 Ω and the test voltage ranges are 10V or 100V.
• AE-780 Surface Resistance Meter -kit includes a tester, two accordation cables, 9 volt battery and a certificate of calibration.
• AE-780-1 Accessory kit includes two 5 lbs probes and a case.

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